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Therapeutic Massage

The body is a complex piece of art similar to a musical piece; The notes come together to create a beautiful harmony. Alike those note are muscles and their tone or lack of tone distinguishes whether the harmony is balanced, the body is in balance. 

My work is of the same nature; It is also an art form. Therapeutic massage, Deep Tissue and sports massage does not require a mechanic, it requires intuitive touch using organic perception tuned to every bodies unique needs. While also synchronizing the breath to the pressure and the flow of movement. Guided relaxation while listening to your favorite tune. Assessment might be necessary for more complex scenarios but all massage modalities has there own art. 

I have practiced massage closed to 3 years now, and with every year comes more intuitive experience, and a deeper understanding of therapeutic touch. With a passion to aid every body to its fullest state of freedom, I have studied day and night to understand the complexities of the human anatomy. 


Thai Massage

An Effortless Yoga Session

Thai Massage is another amazing modality that searches to balance the body through acupressure and stretching. As breath guides relaxation, the undulating flow of Thai massage will rock you into a deep therapeutic serenity.


A Neck And Shoulder Specialist

As a specialist in the head, neck and shoulder region. My most effective work has always been for headaches. Of course headaches can be created far beyond the realm of just the head neck and shoulder. 

Tension headaches, Tension Migraines, typically involve the whole thoracic region, arms, and cervical region. 

Although Tension Headaches are felt in the skull, tension headaches often arise from a variety reasons that include multiple regions of the body. 

Back Massage

Treatment Options



Swedish Massage is my unique take often used intertwined with Swedish massage and Lomi forearm techniques.  utilizing the breath your Breath to create an undulating flow of relaxation accommodated by the energetic qualities that Tai Chi brings into focus. All while removing knots through an accumulative passing of pressure.

Deep Tissue

Deep relaxation is in essence a relaxing Deep Tissue massage focusing on both slow and steady pressure that increases as the tissue warms to gain more depth and Comfort. Intuitively focused on realigning the body by releasing Hyper-toned muscles and Knots.

Thai Massage

Thai Yoga Massage, techniques are done on a Special Thai Yoga mat on the floor, clothed in comfortable and stretchable clothing. Primarily composed of many different stretching and compression techniques. Thai Massage has a kind of Uniqueness by the way of its full body dance like flow, and the use of the therapists body weight to gain deeper access to tighter muscles.

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