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Hip Flexors And Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the insufferable quality of life that eventually pests each of us. Lower back pain can be caused from a number of reasons be it Nerve, muscle, or osseous related. As a massage therapist I work mainly with the muscles, but this also effects both nerve and bones. Discovering why you have lower back pain can consist of a few tests and assessments beyond when the injury happened.

Today, I want to talk about an unsuspecting culprit of lower back pain, injury, and postural distortions: The Hip Flexors.

To begin, The hip Flexors primarily consist of anterior and antero-lateral muscles of the hip. These muscles flex the hip to bring the femur towards the spine or the hip. Activities that shorten these muscles are sitting, walking, and running.

The Main Hip Flexors are the: Tensor Fascia Latae, Glute Min, Illiacus, Psoas, and the vastus lateralis of the quads. The Hip Flexors effect the back by pulling the anterior hips downward or inferiorly towards the ground. This causes some spinal muscles to stay contracted and the posterior glute medius to get stuck in an extension. This is often reffered to as an Anterior Pelvic Tilt (LPHCD). Functionally causing pain and discomfort in the lower erectors (erector spinae group, Quadratus Lumborum, and Illiocoastalis lumborum) and the Hip muscles around the outer illiac crest. In a very short summary.

Anterior pelvic tilt can sometimes cause a lordotic curve in the lumbar spine, meaning the spine is being forced into an over extended appearance. This can also cause pain as nerve and vertebrae might be forced into a tight proximity.

Using Manually muscle test, neurodynamic test, and the over head squat assessment can aid in distinguishing the best protocol and care routine for any case of lower back pain.

In order to decide the best treatment plan for your lower back pain including stretches and Exercises its best to seek professional Assistance. Finding the culprits can be hard, knowing how to release them on your own can be even harder. To get a birds eye view on your posture, pain and wellness Book an assessment, and a Massage today!


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