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Meditation, The Key To Relaxation on The Massage Table

It all began with the first breath, Then there was light, and screaming when you were first born. The darkness was relinquished all the same when our universe came into the light, like so, breath is the light at the end of the tunnel to illuminate the passage from suffering. With out air, there would be no light for us, so rest easy and take a deep inhale and casually let it all go examining the air as you take it in.

Meditation, is examining this air you breath, it is the way to gain the ability to examine mind and your emotions. Mindfulness, in other words, can guide you to a state of relaxation from a spiritual and psychological perspective. Not only on the point of mind does the awareness begin to emerge, but also physically.

Psychological effects of Meditation

  • Decreases Stress.

  • Decreases Anxiety.

  • Decreases Depression.

  • Increases general positive emotion.

Physical Effects of Meditation

  • Increase in Grey matter

  • Lymph Flow increases

  • Aides in Circulatory regulation

  • Decreases cellular inflammation

  • Decreases Pain perception

  • Increases immune function.

  • Activates the Para-sympathetic Nervous System

The relation of breath to relaxation is what would be called psychosomatic, which refers to the connection of the mind and the body. That connection directly translates the power of meditation to the massage table. To take control of the mind and yourself, is to unlock the door to a fully productive massage session.

How this is all connected is an article in and of its self, so lets start with the basics. Fundamentally, your brain sends signals to your muscles along nerve pathways which generates motion through the receivers of the signals. Motor neurons, receive that signal, or are recruited to do work by the nerves. There fore the brain is directly related to the muscles, just to simplify a very complex structure in our bodies.

So, the breath can lead to a deeper control of the brain and psychological functions, which in turn help a large list of ailments and benefits. While also seeping into a deeper state of physical awareness gaining the ability to notice what muscles are being recruited for work, and how to relax them.

Deep Breathing

Rather than focusing specifically on meditation, a large subject also, the goal is to deep breathe and how to do it properly. There are many ways to breath from Prana, to chest breathing or anxiously breathing, to our focus Diaphragmatic breath. Diaphragmatic, is focusing on using the diaphragm as it was intended for use the reason this is so important is due to the simple fact, we receive more oxygen into the depths of our lungs when using the diaphragm. Additionally, Somewhere along the line as we aged some of us forgot how to use our diaphragm to breath, so we might resort to the other muscles of respiration to expand our lungs limiting our oxygen intake. That can be counter intuitive, over working our other respirator muscles causing knots and tightness surrounding the chest, also limiting oxygen for homeostasis among other deficiencies.

Diaphragmatic Breathing and Massage Therapy, How To

Also known as belly breathing.

  1. Rest easy, on the massage table as the therapist prepares to begin.

  2. Focus on your belly, slowly filling your belly and your diaphragm with air. Slowly is about 7 seconds in you can also do 4 seconds to begin with.

  3. Don't hold your breath but examine the space between the breaths before you exhale.

  4. Release the breath at the same rate as you did before feeling your belly deflate on the table,

  5. examine again the space between the exhale before you inhale again, and release.

  6. Repeat.

Now, when the therapist moves rhythmically he or she can also follow your breath more easily making for a beautiful flow like dancing waves. Also, during a Deep tissue massage or for MFR you might find that with deep breathing your muscles release faster and easier with less pressure and less pain.

Now it can be so much easier to experience a captivating massage by following your breath to relaxation.

My personal focus is on Tai Chi movements during my Everflow, and Deep Relaxation sessions. My modified Tai Chi techniques utilize the currents of breathing, energy work, and intuitive modifications of Tai Chi Movements in order to create a Beautifully meditative Body work session perfect for your new breathing skill, and relaxation needs.

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