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Sports and Orthopedic Massage

For the last 5000+ years massage has been used through its own evolutionary chain. In the hills of Hawaii or Thai Land in an old shack where ancient Shamans lived aiding to heal the villagers of various ailments by use of potion or body work. And to the Emperors of china, or the Pharaohs of Egypt using cupping therapy to relieve pains and correct energetic disturbances in the human body. All the way to modern day, where sports massage is used for athletes in gyms and field. While also Sports, Medical, and orthopedic massage is used in a medical or clinical setting along side other medical professionals.

Up to date, Massage is now being widely viewed as a medical practice where Professionals of the massage industry must honor not only the ancient intuitions but also scientific studies to remain relevant. Sports, Medical and Orthopedic massage are the primary scientifically sound modalities of massage. Of course these styles of massage branch off into their own modalities but remaining in this realm of massage therapy is arguably the most efficient and clinically relevant paths to reduce acute and chronic pain. Orthopedic Massage is often used to describe massage with a specific intention. Either pre-massage assessments highlight specific muscles to release using the over head squat assessment or manual muscle testing. Another method to set intention of the massage is to have a prescription from a doctor who has also done various assessments to diagnose (out of the scope for Massage Therapists) the ailment or musculoskeletal pathology.

In my practice, if you ask to solve the issue I'll do my best to find the source of the pain through various Tests if asked or booked to do so. When it comes to the timing of appointments time is of the essence so its best to make sure you make extra time to do the detective work for proper Sports and Orthopedic massage.

If you are looking for a Sports or orthopedic massage, in search for lasting benefits and clinically relevant information on your specific situation talk to me about an orthopedic assessment before the massage. This can be found as a service in my Square Online Booking under Sports Assessments / Orthopedic Assessments. Both versions are a bit different depending on athletic polarity and will take some extra time to do thorough detective work to discover the source of your discomfort.

Massage Therapists and the like should only aim to aid in the discovery of health, but not to be healers themselves. Organisms are complex and carry the mystical powers of life to repair themselves in wondrous ways.

Happy Healing!!


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