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What Is a Sports Massage

I am going to keep this short for now. There is a lot to sports massage.

Sports massage is a modality that aims to help athletes both pro, amateur and even hobbyists. The approach of sports massage can vary per person as all experience through life is different and What sport the athlete might be engaged in.

Sports massage is not a General Deep Tissue Massage. It requires more extensive orthopedic and anatomical knowledge to be effective. Each can have large differences in acute injuries and what muscles have the propensity to tighten.

In my practice if a sports massage is requested I always do a few tests. Over Head Squat Assessment and some Goniometry around the affected areas. This is the magic of sports massage, we need to highlight the trouble with detective work. THIS IS FUN.

It is even more fun to watch range of motion increase within the session. Even a few degrees of increased range is a win. Considering what can be done in an hour. AND it ALWAYS happens. The bonus is having quantifiable objective results that you can SEE rather than just feel.

That should be the difference between Deep Tissue And Sports Massage but a lack of education in the massage and wellness industry has massage therapist confused. So Make sure you are getting exactly what you need!

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